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Make Your Home Healthy and Efficient with an Integrated, Airtight Barrier

Air sealing your Roswell, Georgia home.

With Hotlanta in full swing, area homeowners are doing everything they can to ensure they’re able to stay cool and comfortable through the heat and humidity. Don’t get us started on the humidity. Many believe that the solution is to install a new air conditioning system, and in some cases, this can make all the difference. However, what often goes overlooked is the fact that even the best cooling systems will underperform if the home’s building envelope isn’t properly air sealed.

So, how can you create a healthier, more efficient home this summer or fall? Start with an integrated, airtight barrier.

What is the Home Envelope?

Many people have never heard of the home envelope, but the concept is actually relatively straightforward. Essentially, the building envelope is what separates the conditioned and unconditioned parts of the home. It keeps inside air from escaping and outside air from entering, thus putting a stop to unwanted airflow.

Imagine your home as being a refrigerator riddled with holes. There’s no way the food inside is going to stay cool unless you plug up the holes and seal-off the environment from your kitchen. Believe it or not, your home operates in the same way—especially during the heat of summer.

Air Sealing for Year ‘Round Comfort

It may not be easily noticed, but there’s a good chance that your home is loaded with tiny cracks and gaps that are allowing unwanted airflow to occur throughout the day and night. This not only causes temperature and humidity fluctuations, but it also allows for contaminants to enter from the outside, thus affecting your indoor air quality.

When it comes to summer cooling, your HVAC system has to work overtime in order to keep up. The end result? Higher energy bills and an unreliable, often uncomfortable home environment.

Air sealing is the process of plugging cracks and gaps throughout the home and effectively putting a stop to airflow issues. It supports your AC to a huge degree, thus improving its lifespan and ability to cool the home. Air Sealing is more important than replacing your windows, more important than adding insulation, more important than virtually any other energy-saving improvement. It will pay you back year after year with additional comfort and energy savings every year. We do a Complete Air Seal which gives you the performance of encapsulating your attic in spray foam. A complete Air Seal needs to include: recessed lights, chases, top plates, plumbing and electrical penetrations, HVAC register boots, and the attic access. When combined with high-performance insulation, air sealing can be even more effective at reducing energy bills and improving indoor air quality. 

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