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AC Doesn’t Cool Your Home? Here’s What to Do

Atlanta, Georgia, is notorious for its summer heat and humidity, and that has many homeowners in the area scrambling to keep their homes cool. Most people resort to cranking up the air conditioning, but did you know that this could be doing more harm than good?

Even if you have the world’s most energy efficient air conditioning system installed in your home, it’s not going to matter if all of that cooled air is escaping right through your walls. Rather than putting undue stress on your AC unit this summer, take a little time to upgrade your home performance.  Does it make sense to put a high efficient cooling system in a low efficient attic?

What’s Really Causing that Hot Second Floor

Some of the most common complaints we hear from homeowners are “my AC doesn’t cool my house” and “my second floor won’t cool off.” Though issues with your AC unit or duct system can cause these types of problems, more often the root of the issue has to do with air leakage and missing insulation.

When there are air leaks in the home, all of that cool air you’re paying to condition seeps right out, and hot summer air makes its way indoors. It’s like leaving one of your windows wide open. And when your home is under-insulated, outdoor heat travels into your home through the roof, attic floor, and exterior walls.

Get the Most from Your AC with Home Performance Upgrades

In order to find out exactly where air leaks and insulation gaps are in your house, you need to schedule a home energy audit with an experienced insulation contractor. This energy audit will tell you exactly what’s causing your home comfort issues and which upgrades your house needs for greater energy efficiency.

Usually, the audit will reveal that your home needs air sealing and insulation upgrades — especially in the attic and exterior walls. Air sealing will eliminate holes, cracks, and gaps that allow air to travel freely into and out of your home, while insulation will keep the summer heat from traveling into your house.

Once an insulation specialist has properly sealed and insulated your home, you’ll see benefits like:

  • Reduced stress on your AC system
  • Longer lasting AC equipment
  • An overall cooler home all summer long
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Greater indoor comfort

Keep Your Home Cool with Help from Arbor

Arbor Insulation Solutions is Atlanta’s local home energy efficiency expert. We know how to diagnose your home comfort issues and provide solutions that will keep that hot second floor comfortable all summer long. Our solutions are especially effective because we use the best materials to air seal and insulate, including AirTight360 sprayed foam insulation.

Find out how professional air sealing and insulation can keep your home cool all summer. Call 404-728-0001 or contact us to to schedule your Free Home Diagnosis today!

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